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Update 0.8.14

Balancing the battlefield!

Silica update 0.8.14 just landed online with loads of gameplay balancing changes.

Update 0.8.11

Harvesters have just gotten better!

We are releasing another minor update, which is mainly focused on game balancing and Harvester pathfinding issues.

Update 0.8.6

First performance upgrade is here!

We’re releasing new update today focusing on improving the game’s performance and adding other quality of life changes.


Air Units Overview

Learn more about the units that are dominating the skies of Baltarus!

Update 0.8.0

Air Units Finally Take Off In Strategy

The skies of Baltarus are about to change!


Take the Best Screenshot Ever!

Take advantage of the improved free-fly camera - perfect for a chance to win Silica merch till Oct. 18, 2023!

Update 0.7.36

Firebug & Defiler join the fight!

Today's update brings the remaining 2 alien air units to the Arena game mode!


Silica Synopsis: Four Months Later

See the recap of how the air units got introduced in preview mode!

Update 0.7.31

Alien Air Units Land In Arena

3 new air units for the aliens are available in preview mode

Update 0.7.28

Air Units About To Take Off In Arena

The much anticipated air units are available in preview form


Silica Synopsis: Two Months Later

Learn more about improvements related to performance, construction, communication, ping system, and more.

Update 0.7.25

Outposts have arrived on Baltarus!

Another update is here with some major gameplay additions!


How to Combine RTS & FPS (Part 3)

The last part analyzing some of the challenges Dram faced when combining two genres.


How to Combine RTS & FPS (Part 2)

The second part analyzing some of the challenges Dram faced when creating Silica and how he managed to overcome them.

Update 0.7.21

The Latest Update Is Here!

We are bringing you another update, this time we focused on quality-of-life improvements.


How to Combine RTS & FPS

Dram goes into a deep dive behind the development of Silica

Update 0.7.19

This Week’s Update Has Arrived on Baltarus!

This update brings a new ping system, and improvements to Direct Control, chat messages, and more!


Inside the Bohemia Incubator Program

Discover the possibilities of this revamped service

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