Silica Synopsis: Four Months Later

1 September, 2023

Cover image of Silica Synopsis: Four Months Later

Dear Silica community,

We're four months down the road of Early Access, and since the last time we had a Silica Synopsis, there's been a few significant changes, mainly with the introduction of the air units as preview mode in Arena!

We introduced the human air units first, and we asked for your feedback for a chance to win some codes for Silica to share with your friends. 

After a few weeks, we released the alien air units as a preview mode in Arena

And now, we're getting close to the first major update of the game, where these air units will be introduced in Strategy and we can't wait to see how they will impact the gameplay!

Last but not least, we released a video, talking about the process of creating the trailers for Silica. You check out the video below:

Stay tuned for the air units update and until then, we'll see you in the skies of Baltarus!

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