Air Units About To Take Off In Arena

4 August, 2023

Cover image of Air Units About To Take Off In Arena

Dear Silica community!

Another update is here, this time focused on turret balancing and, most importantly, the addition of air units in a preview form - via the Arena game mode (on maps other than Combat Dome).

Feel free to give them a spin, and please give us your feedback!

Here's the complete changelog:

  • Added: Gunship as air unit

  • Added: Fighter as air unit

  • Added: Dropship as air unit

  • Added: Bomber as air unit

  • Added: Air units to Arena game mode (not in Combat Dome)

  • Added: Support for turret salvo fire (firing and then interval)

  • Added: Override FOV value command

  • Changed: Heavy Turret now built at tech 4

  • Changed: Turret now built at tech 2

  • Reduced: Turrets ranges

  • Fixed: Could cancel production of queued units for enemy team structures

  • Fixed: Rift Basin did not have all air units in Arena game mode

  • KNOWN ISSUE: Arena game mode will not start when Nintendo Joy-cons controller is connected to the computer.

  • KNOWN ISSUE: Performance drops may be present with over 400 Alien units present in one session.

We hope this update will get you excited to the air units that should be coming to Strategy sometime next month!

Until then, feel free to test them in Arena, let us know your thoughts and we'll see you on Baltarus.