Alien Air Units Land In Arena

24 August, 2023

Cover image of Alien Air Units Land In Arena

Hello everyone!

Today's update sees the addition of 3 alien air units to the game in a preview form, namely in the Arena game mode for now. The next update will see the addition of 2 more, as well as the integration of all air units into the Strategy game mode.

Feedback is very much appreciated, so thank you to all of you who provided such with the last update! It is invaluable and helps shape the game, namely in the form of balancing.

Without further delay, please enjoy the air units and leave a comment about what you think!

See you in the skies of Baltarus.

  • Added: Alien air units (Wasp/Dragonfly/Colossus)

  • Added: Alien air units to Arena game mode

  • Fixed: Scorpion/Impaler tail turret aiming algorithm sometimes aimed off with fast movements

  • Fixed: Ambient sound sources on structures could be heard through fog of war

  • Changed: Reduced human aircraft speeds from 40m/s to 30m/s

  • Improved: Handling of aliens on walls in certain circumstances

  • Improved: Auto-healing uses % of health instead of hit points