A New Weekly Update Landed on Baltarus

8 June, 2023

Cover image of A New Weekly Update Landed on Baltarus

Dear Silica community,

We hope you enjoyed the first month spent with Silica. To celebrate, make sure to check our plans for Early Access.

Besides that, we just released a new patch focusing on performance optimization and fixes. You can expect another update next week. We will further focus on optimization, performance improvements, fixes, and tweaks. Make sure to follow us on social media to never miss any news. Here's the changelog for update 0.7.14:

  • Added: Scorpion projectile diverges at a distance

  • Added: Railgun projectile diverges at a distance

  • Changed: Increased melee attack speed of Impaler by 50%

  • Changed: Increased Behemoth projectile speed by 100%

  • Improved: Alien vision for better visibility

  • Improved: Human Combat Vision for better visibility

  • Improved: Performance for unit line of sight checks

  • Improved: Performance for soldier AI

  • Improved: Projectile performance by filtering hits from a single trace

See you on Baltarus.