Silica Synopsis: Announcement Edition

24 April, 2023

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Baltarus is calling to you! The battle on the scorching deserts is slowly approaching. In the few weeks since the announcement of Silica, we've posted several handy blogs and videos. 

And we would like to take the time and compile all this useful info into the first Silica Synopsis. 

If want to know more details about Strategy, Prospector and Arena, check out our blog explaining each specific Game Mode.

Or if you want to learn all about the Human structures and what units each one can produce, read the blog with all the info.

Hear it from the main developer, Martin “Dram” Melicharek himself, as he demonstrates the Strategy mode from two different perspectives, Humans and Aliens, in these handy videos:

Dram also takes us on a journey back in time to find out how the idea behind Silica came to life and what challenges he had to overcome to realize his dream!

And that's all the information have we've shared in past couple of weeks. There's going to be more content heading your way soon so keep your eyes peeled.

See you on Baltarus! 

Content Creators Highlights

We'd like to give a shoutout to some content creators who managed to cover the announcement of Silica on YouTube during the last few weeks.



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