Silica Synopsis: Two Months Later

25 July, 2023

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Hello soldier, 

It's been over two months since Silica was released on Early Access and since that time, Dram has managed to implement some big improvements related to performance, construction, communication and more.

You can check this video to see for yourself: 

We also had an update recently that introduced a major gameplay change - the introduction of Outposts and turrets for both human factions! You can read more about the update here.

Dram is on a much needed vacation right now, and slowly preparing the scene for the first major update of the game which will include air units! 

He also did an interview discussing several difficulties he had to overcome while creating Silica. It's a more in-depth dive into game development and if you want to learn a few things you can check the video below: 

We also managed to dissect the interview and turn it into a 3-part blog series on our website: 

We hope that you'll enjoy your summer, and keep your eyes peeled for more info on the air units update.

Until then, see you on Baltarus!

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