Outposts have arrived on Baltarus!

20 July, 2023

Cover image of Outposts have arrived on Baltarus!

Dear Silica community, 

We're here with a brand new update which includes some major gameplay changes. First and foremost, the addition of the Outpost, which may be built far from base and serves as a hub for remote operations (allows construction of buildings around it and also serves for respawn and infantry loadout, albeit only up to the Marksman). Additionally, a Turret and Heavy Turret have been added for defense for the human teams, this allows a parallel to the Alien defenses. The Turret, being available at Mark I, allows for decent defense against the light vehicles, though a tank makes short order of it. The Heavy Turret is more expensive, available at Mark III, and fires projectiles powerful enough to damage tanks, though is also not as accurate. 

Here's the complete changelog:

  • Added: Outpost building, for remote ops (requires Mark I)

  • Added: Turret, for base defence (requires Mark I)

  • Added: Heavy Turret, for base defence (requires Mark III)

  • Added: Secondary turrets can now turn on free look (eg: Hover Tank MG)

  • Fixed: Construction sites may no longer be destroyed via impact damage

  • Fixed: Vehicles stopping on tiny crystals on impact

We hope you'll enjoy the changes and stay tuned for the next update that should be coming out in a couple of weeks.

Wishing everyone a lovely summer and we'll see you on Baltarus!