Welcome to Silica

6 April, 2023

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Approaching Baltarus, prepare for landing!

Welcome to Baltarus, an exoplanet located thousands of light years away from Earth. In the year 2351, humanity reaches for the stars, deep beyond the galactic core. Your mission on this seemingly barren planet is simple: locate and harvest Balterium, an element concealed beneath the silica crystals on the planet's surface. The material's inherent properties multiply input energy, giving it the potential to power human civilization for generations to come! 

Choose your role!

The game is a crossover of RTS and FPS where you can lead from above as a Commander in real-time strategy, or experience the action first-hand, either alone or with friends, as Infantry in FPS.

As a Commander, you'll get to control the battlefield, the structures needed to produce bigger and more lethal means of destruction, and upgrade the equipment of your troops.

On the other hand, as an Infantry soldier, your job is to follow the instructions of your Commander to ensure victory for your side. You'll get to control all of the units and vehicles along with their arsenal. 

Choose your side!

Humanity, divided into two distinct factions, wages a war of control over the Balterium on Baltarus. You must decide which side to join, between the people of Sol and the determined Centauri. Or, if chewing metal is your niche, then the hive-mind, insect-like aliens are your faction of choice. 

We'll be covering the factions with details on their respective structures and arsenals in a more detailed blog post, so stay tuned.

3 Game Modes To Play Through

You'll definitely have variety in terms of game modes, depending on what you feel like playing. First and foremost, Strategy, the flagship game mode of Silica, where you battle for dominance by building, harvesting, and striking the enemy. This is the game mode that combines the RTS and FPS elements and is playable in any combination up to a 3-way conflict between the factions (Sol vs. Centauri/Sol or Centauri vs. Aliens/Sol vs. Centauri vs. Aliens).

Prospector mode acts as an introduction for Silica. It's a cooperative FPS-only mode where you start off near your landing pod and prospect the area for Balterium, encountering enemy forces along the way.

Arena is a fun and crazy mode where you select your favorite unit and face off in an unbalanced, FPS free-for-all.

If you want to know more about what you can expect from each game mode, stay tuned for our specific blog with all of the details.

And this concludes our first introduction to Silica! We hope you're ready to embark on this journey beyond. The game will be soon available in Early Access.

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See you on Baltarus!