First performance upgrade is here!

2 November, 2023

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Dear Silica Community,

While you’ve been enjoying the Air Units - one of the biggest additions to the battle for Baltarus so far - Dram has been busy focusing on improving the game’s performance and adding other quality of life changes.

As a result, we’re releasing our first performance update today, with more improvements to follow soon. Read the full change log below for all the details, and let us know what you think on social media and our Discord.

That’s all for now. See you on Baltarus.

Full changelog:

  • Added: Turbo thrust SFX to Gunship and Fighter

  • Changed: Gunship appearance

  • Improved: Performance of hit detection on infantry and aliens by disabling hit colliders when not needed

  • Improved: Minor performance of sensor system by checking whether target has already been detected before checking distance

  • Improved: Performance of unit AI when reading/writing values on their blackboards (target info, etc.)

  • Fixed: Runaway memory impact by AI due to reading/writing values on their blackboards as it used generics

  • Fixed: Null pointer to Strategist caused several null issues

  • Added: Garbage collection when it reaches 14gb (for now)

  • Added: Target detection now synchronized to clients

  • Changed: Fighter projectile speed from 500m/s to 800m/s

  • Improved: Optimized damage grid performance (used to check whether projectiles intersect units)

  • Improved: Optimized thruster FX on air vehicles

  • Improved: Turrets calculated targets on clients, lowering performance

  • Improved: Sensors no longer ticked on clients, improving performance

  • Fixed: Commander AI did not build the Colossus, Defiler, Dragonfly, and Wasp

  • Fixed: Harvester ramp/Outpost elevator issues where they were disabled due to new optimization