Attention, a new update has just landed!

13 March, 2024

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Dear Silica community,

As you can see, Dram is delivering on the promises he made when he released the roadmap, and another update is here! It mainly focuses on balancing various unit attributes but also introduces a new vehicle and visual effects. See the full changelog below.

Additionally, Silica will be part of the Spring Sale starting tomorrow with a 20% discount.

As usual, please let us know what you think on our social channels and Discord. If you enjoy our game, consider giving us a review.

We look forward to seeing you in Baltarus!

Full changelog:

  • Added: Amplification of hit sounds for small arms when hitting enemy

  • Added: Flak Truck vehicle

  • Added: Flak Truck to Light Vehicle Factory

  • Fixed: Tech glitch could occur when the client request had a problem on the server side but still informed client that it started

  • Fixed: Hive Spire construction site had components it was not meant to, causing a plethora of issues

  • Fixed: Alien chat window not showing messages

  • Fixed: Ambient life ignores air units if they cannot be attacked

  • Improved: Ambient life ignores structures and harvesting units

  • Changed: Dragonfly projectile appearance

  • Changed: Dragonfly projectile range from 560m to 400m

  • Changed: Scorpion now fires acid ball projectiles

  • Changed: Impaler now fires electric bolts

  • Changed: Railgun Tank cost from 2800 to 4000

  • Changed: Goliath health from 30000 to 40000

  • Changed: Colossus projectile range from 500m to 700m

  • Changed: Colossus speed from 8m/s to 12m/s

  • Changed: Impaler projectile range from 1400m to 600m

  • Changed: Impaler projectile flight

  • Changed: Renamed Impaler to Shocker

  • Changed: Defiler projectile range from 800m to 600m

  • Changed: Railgun Tank projectile range from 22500m to 3000m

  • Changed: Railgun Tank projectile damage from 16000 to 12000

  • Changed: Fighter rocket range from 1500m to 750m

  • Changed: Gunship rocket range from 1500m to 1000m

  • Changed: AA Turret rocket range from 1500m to 1000m

  • Changed: Heavy Armored Car projectile range from 6000m to 2000m

  • Changed: Hover Tank projectile range from 7500m to 2500m

  • Changed: Light Armored Car projectile range from 5000m to 2500m

  • Changed: Heavy Turret accuracy increased

  • Changed: Medium Turret accuracy increased