We have worms for you!

29 February, 2024

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Dear Silica community,

the vast dunes of the Baltarus deserts just got more dangerous as new life emerges from the depths. Download our latest update and experience the close encounter of a worm kind for yourself. But the sand worms are not the only additions in update 0.8.29, as you can see in the changelog below.

Full changelog:

  • Added: Worm creature (spawnable but not buildable)

  • Added: Great Worm creature (spawnable but not buildable)

  • Added: Worms and Great Worms as ambient life

  • Added: Falling indicator to Hover Bike

  • Added: Indicator to aliens to show whether they cannot submerge due to structure/construction site

  • Added: Worm and Great Worm to Arena

  • Added: Aliens take into account movement of attack (Goliath roll, Crab pounce) for whether they can hit a target

  • Added: Automatic rotation towards nearest target for Crab attacks

  • Added: Benchmark level for measuring performance (via 'map benchmark')

  • Added: 'ObjectStats' console command to copy stats of all units and structures to clipboard Added: Ambient life allows manually spawned units

  • Fixed: Hover Bike no longer teleports away if AI unit is sitting in it

  • Fixed: Camera remained in previous position when boarding a vehicle as infantry

  • Fixed: Menu UI scaling at ultra wide resolutions

  • Fixed: AudioSource 'Error executing m_dryGroup->getWaveData' issue

  • Fixed: Ambient Life did not always work correctly in Strategy

  • Fixed: Sensor system console spam

  • Changed: While teleporting, use, movement and shooting are disabled

  • Changed: Crabs may no longer submerge into construction site premises

  • Changed: Crab bite attack to pounce attack

  • Improved: Hover Bike terrain traversal capabilities

  • Improved: Light Quad engine soundsImproved: Heavy Quad engine sounds

  • Improved: Hover Bike teleport away FX

  • Improved: Crab jumping and wall climbing, using the view direction for the jump

  • Improved: Smoother turning/pitching of alien creatures when moving across the terrain