Second update of 2024

8 February, 2024

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Dear Silica Community, 

Last week, we shared our development roadmap for this year. If you missed it, you can find it here. Today, an update for version 0.8.23 landed on Steam, introducing several balancing changes and finally bringing the long-awaited Hover Bike for faster transportation of human infantry units.

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And, as always,

See you on Baltarus!

Full changelog:

  • Added: Support for projectile raycast radius

  • Added: Support for projectiles to ignore impact and/or damage based on hit object type

  • Added: Railgun Tank projectile ricochet effects Added: Skipping of navigation mesh updating

  • Added: IK to human characters (face watches view direction, feet and hands for vehicles)

  • Added: Support for characters in vehicles but visible and hittable

  • Added: Support for character weapons to be mounted on vehicles when visible

  • Added: Driver animation setup for Hover Bike

  • Added: Hover Bikes spawned in the Barracks for FPS players, with timeout

  • Added: Hover Bike deleted when unclaimed for more than 15s

  • Fixed: UI elements blocking out some particle effects

  • Fixed: Collision damage from vehicles could destroy construction sites easily

  • Fixed: Boarded units were not destroyed when the vehicle was destroyed

  • Fixed: Long AI navigation mesh update after large matches in Strategy

  • Changed: Railgun Tank projectile may now ricochet and deal less damage

  • Changed: Pulse Truck projectile ignores friendly fire for AI

  • Changed: Colossus projectile range from 1800m to 500m

  • Changed: Colossus eye weak point multiplier from 10 to 5

  • Changed: Pulse Tank projectile speed from 50 to 75

  • Changed: Pulse Tank projectile raycast now evaluates the whole radius not just point

  • Changed: Crab damage reduction from 10 to 5 Changed: Impaler damage reduction from 10 to 5

  • Changed: Hunter damage reduction from 15 to 10

  • Changed: Hunter health increase from 3000 to 6000

  • Changed: Enabled Incremental Garbage Collection

  • Changed: Increased graphical UploadBufferSize from 16 to 512

  • Improved: RTS camera may now go up to 300m (was 200m)

  • Improved: RTS camera adjusts pitch better zooming in

  • Improved: NavmeshRecalculator now lightweight and merges several requests together