Balancing the battlefield!

30 November, 2023

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Dear Silica Community,


Today, we're rolling out update 0.8.14, where Dram has concentrated on several gameplay balancing changes. These changes cover for example unit health and costs, projectile damage, or build times. You can find the detailed changelog below for a comprehensive overview.

Another important addition is a feature that hides distant objects (from 3 km and beyond), designed to boost performance on larger maps, especially in the late game.

Let us know your thoughts on these changes via our social media and Discord. As always,


See you on Baltarus!


Full changelog:



  • Added: Distant objects hidden (max 3km) to save performance on large maps

  • Fixed: Shots sometimes could pass through units such as the Colossus

  • Fixed: When giving orders to a unit close to its location, the order could sometimes fail

  • Fixed: Creature melee attacks did not activate objects on the damage grid, making them sometimes ignore attacking

  • Improved: AI target leading inaccuracy based on skill level, distance and how long the target is in sight


  • Fixed: Pressing space to go to event in Commander mode still worked while chat was active


  • Added: Glow smoke effect to Behemoth/Bio Hive shots

  • Improved: Alien view better highlights shape of surface for better vision

  • Changed: Rifle sights center dot size to smaller

  • Changed: Dragonfly fire sound to be a bit more beefy

  • Changed: Behemoth visual appearance adding a small hive to the front


  • Changed: Commando cap value from 5 to 8

  • Changed: Heavy cap value from 4 to 5

  • Changed: Marksman cap value from 3 to 6

  • Changed: Wasp cost from 180 to 200

  • Changed: Wasp minimum tech tier from 1 to 2

  • Changed: Human players respawn as Riflemen when those are available

  • Changed: Dragonfly projectile speed from 200 to 800

  • Changed: Dragonfly projectile lifespan from 7s to 0.7s (1400m to 560m)

  • Changed: Dragonfly fire time from 0.15s to 0.2s

  • Changed: Dragonfly health from 400 to 300

  • Changed: Commando cost from 500 to 360

  • Changed: Commando build time from 90s to 40s

  • Changed: Commando muzzle spread from 0.3deg to 0.15deg

  • Changed: Heavy cost from 200 to 180

  • Changed: Marksman cost from 300 to 120

  • Changed: Marksman build time from 60s to 30s

  • Changed: Rifleman cost from 100 to 60

  • Changed: Rifleman Build time from 20s to 15s

  • Changed: Rifleman muzzle spread from 0.3deg to 0.15deg

  • Changed: Scout cost from 50 to 30

  • Changed: Scout muzzle spread from 0.65deg to 0.3deg

  • Changed: Heavy Armored Car cost from 1200 to 1100

  • Changed: Heavy Armored Car build time from 95s to 90s

  • Changed: Heavy Armored Car speed from 11m/s to 13m/s

  • Changed: Heavy Quad build time from 70s to 50s

  • Changed: Heavy Quad Car speed from 15m/s to 20m/s

  • Changed: Heavy Quad muzzle spread from 1deg to 0.7deg

  • Changed: Hover Tank cost from 2000 to 1800

  • Changed: Hover Tank build time from 140s to 110s

  • Changed: Light Armored Car build time from 95s to 60s

  • Changed: Light Armored Car speed from 13m/s to 16m/s

  • Changed: Light Quad build time from 50s to 35s

  • Changed: Light Quad muzzle spread from 0.7deg to 0.4deg

  • Changed: Pulse Tank cost from 2400 to 1800

  • Changed: Pulse Tank speed from 10m/s to 13m/s

  • Changed: Railgun Tank cost from 2600 to 2800

  • Changed: Hive Spire health from 10000 to 5000

  • Changed: Thorn Spire health from 10000 to 5000

  • Changed: Node health from 2000 to 500

  • Changed: Heavy Turret health from 16000 to 12000

  • Changed: Heavy Turret muzzle spread from 0.5deg to 0.35deg

  • Changed: Turret muzzle spread from 0.2deg to 0.15deg

  • Changed: Bomber health from 16000 to 24000

  • Changed: Harvester turret muzzle spread from 1.5deg to 1deg

  • Changed: Hover Tank MG pitch down range increased from 5deg to 10deg

  • Changed: Heavy Armored Car MG pitch down range increased from 5deg to 10deg

  • Changed: Firebug health from 6000 to 9000

  • Changed: Behemoth projectile is more accurate

  • Changed: Bio Hive projectile is more accurate

  • Changed: Bio Hive projectile damage from 100 to 150

  • Changed: Rifleman projectile damage from 65 to 45

  • Changed: Scout projectile damage from 35 to 27

  • Changed: Firebug fire copy instigator velocity from 75% to 33%

  • Changed: Impaler projectile copy instigator velocity from 100% to 50%

  • Changed: Crab/Horned Crab speed from 12 to 18

  • Changed: Crab/Horned Crab manoeuvrability increased

  • Changed: Hunter speed from 22.5 to 25

  • Changed: Hunter manoeuvrability increased and movement improved

  • Changed: Hunter weak point damage multiplier from 2 to 3

  • Changed: Impaler speed from 12 to 16

  • Changed: Impaler manoeuvrability increased

  • Changed: Heavy Quad MG muzzle spread from 0.7deg 0.4deg

  • Changed: Behemoth weak point damage multiplier from 2.5 to 3

  • Changed: Scorpion weak point damage multiplier from 2.5 to 4

  • Changed: Goliath health from 70000 to 30000

  • Changed: Goliath armor deflection increased

  • Changed: Wasp health from 400 to 300

  • Changed: Wasp armor damage reduction from 20 to 5

  • Changed: Outpost health from 50000 to 30000

  • Changed: Removed machineguns from Outpost