Harvesters have just gotten better!

13 November, 2023

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Dear Silica Community,

We are releasing another minor update, which is mainly focused on game balancing and Harvester pathfinding issues. As always, you can read the full changelog below for all the details, and share your feedback on social media and our Discord.

But that’s not all. Silica will be also included in Steam’s Czech & Slovak Week 2023. It starts today and lasts until November 20th. So if you or your friends still don’t have Silica in your Library, now’s your chance to get it at 20% off.

What a great opportunity to join the fight for Baltarus. See you there!

Full changelog:

  • Added: Infantry hit pain animations

  • Added: Colossus projectile does effect in mid-air if it does not hit

  • Added: Construction sites start off with 10% health and progressively increase while building

  • Added: Infantry slow down when sprinting from flat surface onto a downward slope

  • Added: Alien players respawn as Wasps in Strategy game mode when those are available

  • Improved: Infantry footstep sound simulation

  • Improved: Harvester turning circle from 40m to 30m

  • Improved: Wheeled vehicle now reverses when it gets stuck driving forward

  • Changed: Increased Colossus cost from 5600 to 6000

  • Changed: Increased Defiler cost from 3800 to 4200

  • Changed: Defiler may be built only from tech tier 2 (cyst is built at tech 3)

  • Changed: Increased Goliath cost from 2400 to 4000

  • Changed: Goliath may be built only from tech tier 1 (cyst is built at tech 2)

  • Changed: Heavy infantry rocket now flies straight (does not curve up and then down)

  • Changed: Colossus projectile lifespan from 5s to 3s (3km to 1.8km)

  • Changed: Siege Tank projectile lifespan from 7s to 12s (0.7km to 1.2km)

  • Changed: Increased unit mini-map view range to fog of war view distance

  • Changed: Marksman sprint speed from 6m/s to 7m/s

  • Changed: Rifleman sprint speed from 6m/s to 7m/s

  • Changed: Reduced teleport cooldown from 180s to 60s

  • Fixed: COLLIDER1 for large rocks in Monument Valley was not set to read/write, leading to broken pathfinding after buildings were placed

  • Fixed: Sometimes placed structures would not correctly recalculate the navmesh, leading to units not being able to leave

  • Fixed: Harvesters were unable to climb steep cliffs due to low wheel friction

  • Fixed: Harvester pathfinding clipping corners of buildings

  • Fixed: TurretAimEnemy.GetShouldSendNetUpdate null pointer