A new update is here!

11 May, 2023

Dear Silica Community, 

A new hotfix update focusing on performance has just arrived. We're continuously improving Silica, and fixing the reported issues raised by you. We also added a couple of quality of life improvements such as increased server capacity and server filtering.

Here's a list of all fixes and changes:

  • Added: Filtering to server list

  • Added: Match time to server entries

  • Added: Indication of Commanders in the Scoreboard

  • Fixed: Chat window showed only last message after 20 messages

  • Fixed: Cancelling unit in production was not synched

  • Fixed: Cancelling unit in production did not return resources

  • Fixed: Not all cheats disabled on map change

  • Fixed: Health could go below zero from client damage

  • Fixed: Client cannot join full server

  • Fixed: Harvester did not use Harvester UI subset

  • Fixed: Performance regression over time in Infantry FPS mode

  • Fixed: Memory leak caused by instancing materials on every infantry spawn

  • Changed: Default FPS cap was set to unlimited, resulting in high FPS in main menu

  • Changed: Increased max player count to 36 in Strategy (shows warning)

Please note that kicking of players using Scoreboard in MP was added but not yet working.

Now that update 0.7.5 is out, and having addressed the performance issues, the top priority right now are the Harvesters which are currently being worked on. 

So keep your eyes peeled for the next update which should be coming out soon. 

Until then, see you on Baltarus!