Firebug & Defiler join the fight!

21 September, 2023

Cover image of Firebug & Defiler join the fight!

Dear Silica community,

Today's update brings the remaining 2 alien air units to the Arena game mode, which means you can now test the complete squadron. 

We've also added controller support for all units, an improved free-fly camera, and basic alien air AI. If you want to see the whole list of fixes and changes, check out the full changelog below.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the 2 new air units, we hope you enjoy them!

See you in the skies of Baltarus!

Full Changelog:

  • Added: Alien air units (Firebug/Defiler)

  • Added: Controller support for all units and free-fly camera (enabled in Options)

  • Added: Depth of field for free-fly camera (LMB to focus at middle of screen position)

  • Added: Free-fly camera movement smoothing (set up in Options)

  • Added: Basic alien air AI

  • Changed: Aliens are no longer slowed by damage with the exception of Prospector mode

  • Changed: Rockets of Fighter aircraft are now small and guided

  • Changed: Gunship rockets are now smaller and for anti ground use

  • Changed: Heavy Armored Car built via Light Vehicle Factory

  • Changed: Heavy Quad built at tech 0

  • Changed: Light Armored Car built at tech 1

  • Improved: Rocket Truck rocket trails

  • Fixed: Dragonfly shooting downward when flying forward

  • Fixed: Colossus eye flash lagging behind

  • Fixed: Aircraft particle FX could flicker at lower FPS

  • Fixed: Soldier AI agent creating a new array of Vector3 per move order, causing unnecessary allocations

  • Fixed: Spawned soldiers not falling by default

  • Fixed: Rocket trails disappearing on impact