The Latest Update Is Here!

7 July, 2023

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Dear Silica community,

We are bringing you another update, this time we focused on quality-of-life improvements. We hope you will find them helpful.

Here's this week's changelog for update 0.7.21:

  • Added: Voice barks for various events (such as Harvester under attack etc)

  • Added: Pressing Spacebar when a voice bark event occurs moves the camera to its location in Commander's view

  • Added: Support for storing/recalling structures on 1 to 0 selection keys in the Commander view

  • Added: C key cycles through all HQs/Nests (starting with nearest) in Commander view

  • Added: Double pressing the selection hotkey moves the camera to its location in the Commander view

  • Improved: Visibility for Commander in Badlands by reducing fog strength and not showing clouds

  • Fixed: Fog of War correctly reset after the match (no more dots of revealed areas)

  • Fixed: Teleporter cooldown did not tick down while other players were using it

  • Fixed: Changing team/role while in direct control of a unit as Commander deleted it

  • Fixed: Pressing F did not leave direct control as Commander on clients

  • Fixed: Chat log replayed after the end of the round when people tried to send messages

That's all for this week's update. See you on Baltarus!