This Week’s Update Has Arrived on Baltarus!

22 June, 2023

Cover image of This Week’s Update Has Arrived on Baltarus!

Dear Silica community,

Our latest weekly update has just dropped! This update features further improvements to Direct Control and additionally adds a ping system - used for informing other players on the same team about a target or position. Aside from that, chat messages have also been improved.

On that note, quality of life has been the focus for this update and will continue for the next week also, featuring much-needed shortcuts and improvements for Commanders, so stay tuned!

Here's this week's changelog for update 0.7.19:

  • Added: Ping system for both FPS players and Commander

  • Added: Name of direct controlled unit in top left corner

  • Added: Button to cancel direct control in the pause menu

  • Changed: Direct control is now also toggled via shortcut F (ESC removed)

  • Changed: Vision modes disabled in Commander view (night is now brightened here)

  • Improved: Direct control post-process effects to not be so strong

  • Improved: Night time much brighter now in Commander view

  • Improved: When leaving direct control, the view is centered on the unit

  • Improved: Chat message readability

  • Fixed: Harvester turrets clipped the camera

  • Fixed: Units that were direct controlled lost their orders

  • Fixed: Units under direct control show their assigned objective

  • Fixed: Chat message cutting off when more than one line

That's all for this week's update. See you on Baltarus!