Another update is here!

26 May, 2023

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Dear Silica Community, 

We published a new minor update focusing on some performance issues and changes regarding the human factions as well as the aliens. We will keep trying to push out weekly updates focusing on performance optimizations and other bug fixes that we are aware of, or issues that will be raised by our community. For now, here's a detailed list of changes with update 0.7.11:

  • Improved: Performance related to infantry setting their collider size per frame

  • Improved: Performance related to detection and targeting system

  • Improved: Performance with construction effect bounds recalculation

  • Improved: Construction placement is now yellow if units are obstructing the construction area

  • Changed: Harvester bucket wheel damage to buildings is now 1/10 of previous damage

  • Changed: Buildings can no longer be built around claimed Bunkers

  • Changed: Alien Node structure may be built from the beginning

  • Changed: Alien Node costs 50 instead of 100 now

  • Changed: Alien Node takes 6s to build instead of 10s

  • Fixed: Rockets can no longer target friendly units

See you on Baltarus!