Strategy Pack Bundle just landed on Steam

11 April, 2024

Cover image of Strategy Pack Bundle just landed on Steam

Dear Silica community,

For all fans of unconventional RTS games, we have prepared the Strategic Pack Bundle on Steam, which includes Silica and Original War.

Venture into the distant corners of the universe and compete for valuable materials on the arid deserts of planet Baltarus, or travel 2 million years into the past and change the course of human history.

Silica offers a unique blend of careful strategic planning as a Commander in RTS mode, but you can always switch to FPS and enjoy adrenaline-infused infantry and vehicular warfare.

Original War puts you in the boots of time-travelers on a quest for world dominance and combines RTS with RPG elements, along with two story-driven campaigns.

Enjoy a 20% discount on both games when you purchase this bundle.

See you on the battlefield.