Inside the Bohemia Incubator Program

20 June, 2023

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Dear Silica Community,

Today we'd like to share a bit more about the Bohemia Incubator program since Silica is the first game that graduated from this renewed activity powered by Bohemia Interactive. The old format was based on internal ideas for games, which in the end, made it into full in-house games such as Ylands, an adventure, multiplayer, sandbox game, and Arma 3 Apex: Old Man, a scenario mode for the Arma 3 Apex expansion. Here's more about the new and updated Bohemia Incubator:  

Bohemia Incubator is the platform where good ideas become fantastic games. It's the place where indie game developers can pitch their playable prototypes and receive enough support to help them develop their games further and receive the help necessary for full release. 

Silica is the prime example of what can be achieved through this platform. It was pretty much developed by Martin "Dram" Melicharek, and when asked whether he would recommend Bohemia Incubator, he had this to say: "Yes, very much so. Not needing to worry about whether I will have the personal finances to finish the project and the extensive QA support needed, combined with Bohemia Interactive taking care of everything required around publishing makes it a wonderful harmonic blend that enables me to focus on developing the game."

Unlike other incubator programs on the market, Bohemia Incubator can also provide physical space for developers. The offices dedicated to Incubator are right next to Bohemia's River Office, so the developers get a unique opportunity to meet with Czech game dev veterans and benefit from the hands-on approach. Similar to other accelerators, Bohemia is ready to provide funds, mentorship, networking opportunities, QA testing, technical support, and, most importantly, publishing and marketing support. 

As was the case with Silica, Bohemia Incubator offers support to original projects with a unique vision and potential. It's an excellent service meant to help passionate developers realize their dream. For all game developers and fans of Bohemia games, Incubator doesn't directly impact the development of in-house games from Bohemia Interactive. 

We've already received a great number of applications, and we're now in the process of a careful selection of future Bohemia Incubator gems. If you have a prototype that you'd like to submit, now's your chance!

Check out the website, and apply via the form at the bottom!

Thank you for supporting Silica. See you on Baltarus!