Alien Units Overview

10 May, 2023

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Aliens are crustacean/cephalopod-like creatures native to the planet, living in balance with the land. They are primarily hunters, consuming smaller native creatures as food as well as a resource. They reuse this biomass to produce structures and more units. Alien units are not built but are ‘spawned’. This is dependent on alien structures that are built. Alien structures are biotic in nature and can thus be ‘killed’.

  • Crab

Scouring the surface and engaging anything that moves, these creatures are the Queen's basic soldiers. Not to be underestimated, these critters run on walls, ceilings and may even burrow underground to hide. Preferring ambush tactics, these creatures are rarely seen alone, mostly moving in swarms. Their weakest point is the mouth.

  • Horned Crab

With additional horns on its carapace providing extra protection, this large creature is both stronger and hardier than its predecessor. It does take more time and resources to spawn, however.

  • Shrimp

Serving as the colony harvester, this small creature combs the surface for anything biotic, lugging the partially digested resource to the nearest cache. Small and weak, this diminutive critter is barely capable of posing a threat, preferring to avoid combat whenever possible.

  • Impaler

Physically reminiscent of the harmless earthly earwig, this beast's behavior is anything but. Its formidable appendage ejects spikes at high velocity, capable of piercing through lighter armor. Should a target get too close for comfort, its pincer is more than capable of slicing it in two.

  • Hunter

A perfect blend of speed and strength, the Hunter deals considerable damage with its fanged tentacles and powerful mandibles. The thick chitin towards the front provides ample protection. However, the soft sac at the rear makes it vulnerable from behind.

  • Behemoth

With its massive scythes, the Behemoth is a formidable predator, releasing vicious insects on its targets from its prominent posterior. These murder hornets home in on their target like sharks to flesh, making escape difficult. The symbiotic hive is the Behemoth's weak point, however, leaving it exposed if it retreats.

  • Scorpion

The Scorpion is the aliens' equivalent of a tank. Using its tail as a weapon, the molten silica-like projectile instantly melts through armor, reaching temperatures in the thousands of degrees. Were that not enough, its pincers easily split a heavily armored soldier in two. Yet the sacs on its tail are also its Achilles' heel, being the least armored points.

  • Goliath

This giant creature pulverizes its enemies with massive appendages, dealing catastrophic damage. Despite having no ranged attack, this fearsome beast boasts an almost impenetrable shell, which it gleefully employs in conjunction with its massive size, performing a forward roll over the enemy.

  • Queen

A sight to behold, this unit is the mind of the colony, controlling her children through an unknown mechanism. She seldom engages in combat, her spawn doing the grunt work instead, as well as tending to her needs. Large, heavy, and slow, an alien Queen is very exposed when moving through open ground, preferring secluded areas where she creates a nest.

Keep in mind, that the Queen is not available right now, but the unit will be added at a later point in time.

And these and the creepy crawlies that you can expect to encounter in Silica. Become part of the hive or slay any alien that dares to approach your base.

Until the next time, see you on Baltarus!