Alien Structures Overview

21 April, 2023

Alien Structures Overview

Alien structures, comprising of biological materials, are 'grown' from biotic matter. These buildings are all connected to the Nest, where the Queen resides. Units are spawned from within these structures, and some provide research capabilities while others serve as defensive turrets. Generally small in size, alien structures are easier to conceal and take much less time to build than human structures.

  • Nest

A Nest provides protection for the Queen and allows her to interface with biotic structures.

  • Bio Cache

A Bio Cache serves as both a deposit point and a storage point for Biotics.

  • Node

A small cyst whose sole purpose is to extend the Nest's territory.

  • Lesser Spawning Cyst

A smaller cyst for spawning basic creatures.

  • Greater Spawning Cyst

A larger cyst for spawning superior creatures.

  • Quantum Cortex

This organism's intellect allows it to formulate and confine an unknown form of matter, utilizing it to conceive greater evolutionary forms.

Game Start

  • The Lesser Spawning Cyst can spawn Shrimps and Crabs.

Alpha I

  • The Lesser Spawning Cyst can now additionally spawn the Horned Crab and the Impaler.

Beta II

  • In the Nest, you can now produce the Greater Spawning Cyst and a new Nest.

  • The Greater Spawning Cyst can spawn the Hunter.

Gamma III

  • The Greater Spawning Cyst can spawn the Behemoth and the Scorpion.

  • In the Nest, you can now produce the Thorn Spire and the Hive Spire.

Omega IV

  • You can now spawn the Goliath from the Greater Spawning Cyst.

  • Hive Spire

A spire-like organism that releases a swarm of flying insects for defense.

  • Thorn Spire

A spire-like organism that fires thorn projectiles from its proboscises for defense.

Keep in mind, that these features are subject to change and could be adjusted during Early Access.

And this is it when it comes to the alien structures! We hope you'll find this blog informative when you're deployed on the deserts of the barren planet. There's going to be more content heading your way soon so keep your eyes peeled.

See you on Baltarus!