Air Units Overview

27 October, 2023

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Dear Silica Community, 

We hope you've been enjoying the Air Units update that dropped last week, and that you've taken to the skies of Baltarus to explore all the thrilling possibilities these units bring to Strategy mode. Dram is currently working on performance optimizations which should be coming your way soon!

Today we'd like to quickly go through all the newly added air units, even though they've been available in Arena for a while, for the players who might've picked up Silica now, or just waited for this major update to happen!

  • Air Factory

Serving as both a production platform and launch pad, the Air Factory constructs aerial units. The access elevator allows quick access from ground level for pilots.

  • Gunship

Agile and versatile, the Gunship is perfect for speedy reconnaissance missions as well as for quickly eliminating distant, light-armored threats.

  • Fighter

Equipped with Balterium munitions as well as rockets, the potent Fighter is designed to deal with heavier targets as well as for air-to-air combat.

  • Dropship

The armored Dropship is primarily designed for rapid deployment of troops near the frontline, boasting a Balterium turret to repel smaller defenses.

  • Bomber

Massive and particularly heavily armored, the giant Bomber is anything but nimble, designed for heavy aerial bombardment against base defenses and slow armored targets alike.

  • Grand Spawning Cyst

Considerably larger than the Greater Spawning Cyst, this towering mass of alien flesh produces the giant Goliath.

  • Colossal Spawning Cyst

Dwarfing even a Goliath, this monumental pillar of biotic mass produces the largest of the air units, including the deadly Colossus.

  • Wasp

Fast and maneuverable, this critter enjoys ambushing prey from above. Despite its powerful mandibles, it is its stinger that its targets fear most.

  • Dragonfly

Just like its earthly namesake, this creature is a formidable hunter, attacking from afar with spikes it projects from its menacing mouth, then moving in with its stinger.

  • Firebug

Boasting powerful jaws and fins for flight, the Firebug is capable of internally heating itself to incredible temperatures, utilizing this in its extensible tongue, which is capable of melting through even heavy armor.

  • Defiler

Aptly named, a Defiler's body is home to thousands of volatile insects capable of penetrating even heavy armor due to their extremely corrosive innards.

  • Colossus

A floating fortress, the Colossus is as grotesque as it is deadly. Its top shell is near impenetrable, while its eye projects a catastrophic energy pulse.

And that's it! Keep testing them out in Strategy, provide us with valuable feedback while Dram is working on performance optimizations and until then, 

We'll see you on Baltarus!

PS: The screenshot accompanying this article was made by one of the "Best Screenshot Ever" contest winners. Credit goes to Luis Badano. Thank you!